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My plan is, well, I have to stay a month more because that’s when my lease ends, and after that I’m planning to stay another couple of weeks.

Right now I’m in Davao, which is on the island of Mindanao, on the south side of the Philippines.

So coming to the Philippines has forced me to unlearn a lot of programming, a lot of my native American programming dealing with strangers.

One thing I can say about the Filipinos, they really seem to enjoy life as it is.

On the average day, I’ll see maybe at most one other foreigner walking about, and usually it’s an older white guy in his forties or fifties.

I’m probably one of a handful of foreign men under the age of 40 in this city.


You’re buying load for your phone; you get, say, 500 pesos worth of load and that’s good for calling, texting, your phone or whatever.

I’m probably the first foreigner they’d ever seen in their entire lives.



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