Eternal love dating service

Ms Murray, 36, is one of the millions in Britain who are single but don't want to be. "The life of a stand-up comedian just renders you being single," Ms Murray says.She has plenty of friends but she wants that someone special in her life. "You're just busy working, working, working all the time, and I never meet people at work.So let’s talk about our next greatest pet peeve on online dating websites: Lying About Your Age.We get it: you’ve gotten older, you’re single, and you have those great pics from last decade and they’re so much better than that one from last weekend. To get on a dating website, lie about your age, and post old pictures of yourself to snag the matches you really want.Who wouldn’t love a 32 year-old with the relationship wisdom, maturity and experience of a 44 year-old anyway?Problem is though, now you’re kind of a big, fat, liar too… You find a special someone you’re really interested in online, the conversations begin to flow really well, and then they want to meet you in person…remember?


According to recent surveys, no less than two thirds of single people looking for love have signed up to dating agencies.

If you decide to tell the truth (or never tell the truth) much farther down the road…all we can say is good luck to you.


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